Brothers Coffee

It is said the origins of coffee lie in the heart of Africa. This certainly stands true for the origins of Brothers Coffee.

Founders, Ben Ferreira and his wife Sunel’s passion for coffee started where it begins for most of us – as a customer, coffee drinker and enthusiast. However, their consumption and search for the perfect cup of golden nectar didn’t start at bustling café’s in the major cities of the world. Instead, their journey starts in the heart of Africa, Uganda to be exact, where they lived for 10 years before relocating to South Sudan for a further 3 years. Having Spent 13 years in East Africa they were, at the time unknowingly, surrounded by some of the best coffees in the world.

During their travels Ben & Sunel would carry coffee from various African origins as gifts for their friends and hosts. This proved a popular gift idea and friends often queried how they could replenish their stocks. Knowing first-hand the trauma of having to drink bad coffee, Ben started sending coffee to his Brother in South Africa to distribute and so started the story of Brothers Coffee.

With the interest in the informal “Brothers Coffee” trade growing, Ben slowly started building relationships with coffee farmers throughout East Africa. It remained informal trade until war broke out in what was then the newest country in the world, South Sudan. Ben, Sunel and their two children, Ladonna and Joshua were living there at the time and were evacuated when war broke out. After returning to South Sudan a few times they eventually decided to rather seek the safety and tranquillity of Great Brak River on the Garden Route in their homeland South Africa.

The African spirit had not yet died… While waiting for options of a possibly return to Kenya or Tanzania to materialise, Ben bought himself a coffee roaster to feed the underlying passion he had for good coffee. In the early days, Ben often tells of how he used to wrestle with his roaster to get any decent flavours out of the roast. However something in him endured, more out of Ben’s pursuit to master his passion, as opposed to doing it for pleasure.

It wasn’t long before he sat enjoying a cup of the finest golden nectar but this cup was different, It was unlike anything he had experienced before – the coffee had a depth of flavour that was rich and complex. The experience brought him the same joy as travelling the plains of Africa. By the time the cup was empty he knew that going forward his life would be different and right there decided to combine his entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for coffee and bring us all that coffee can and should be – Delicious!!